Message: "Error"

Occurs when KennelSuite has finished the Preparation and Compression phases and is about to write the backup to disk.

Backing up KennelSuite with Win Vista/7/8/10

Beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft doesn’t allow certain types of user data to be written to the root folder of a removable drive (USB flash drive, external USB hard drive). You must create a folder, which will belong to you, as opposed to the root folder, which belongs to Windows..

Name the folder whatever you want, such as “KennelSuiteBackup”. Make a note of the location of your new folder. It will be something like “F:\KennelSuiteBackup”. You can’t use something like “F:\” because that’s the root folder of drive F:.

In KennelSuite click Tools > Options > Files & Backup. Set your Backup Location to the drive & folder you created, such as “F:\KennelSuiteBackup”.From the main KennelSuite window, click File > Backup.

That should do it. Be aware that Windows assigns the drive letters to removable/external drives. If you use several USB flash or external hard drives, the letter that Windows assigns may change depending on the order in which the drives are connected to the computer.

In other words, what is drive F: today may be drive G: tomorrow. KennelSuite knows only one backup location so if you randomly insert/remove flash drives during the day, you may need to update Tools > Options > Files & Backup > Backup Location to account for the changing drive letters.

If you use different flash drives on different days for your backups (recommended), the backup will fail if any of the drives doesn’t have a KennelSuiteBackup folder. It will fail if your backup location is on drive F: but Windows has assigned the letter G:. This isn’t a KennelSuite issue. It’s about how Windows works on Vista/7/8/10. It wasn’t a problem on XP and earlier versions of Windows.