Component ''todl8.ocx'' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered
Component ''todgub8.dll'' is missing, corrupt or incompatible


To correct this problem:

  1. Login to Windows as a member of the Administrators group 

  2. Locate PSREGC1.EXE in the KennelSuite 2006 or KennelSuite IX \bin folder depending on your version (click Help > About...

  3. Double-click it. It won't seem to do anything so double-click a couple of times to make sure you got it.

More info:

  • If you have Vista, you'll get better results by right-clicking PSREGC1.EXE and selecting "Run As Administrator".

  • You may also find it helpful to temporarily disable any software firewall, anti-virus, anti-whatever programs you’re running. Some, especially the low-cost/free varieties sometimes interfere with normal software installation.