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Symptom: Clicking the KennelSuite Tools - Security - Permissions menu item causes KennelSuite to hang and, after a while, the error message appears.

Weíve heard of this thing with the Permissions option. Unfortunately, weíve never seen it despite testing on dozens of computers.

We think itís related to the computer, Windows, and certain combinations of other software (probably anti-virus, anti-whatever) thatís installed. Iím sorry to report that there is no fix other than donít click on it, or install KennelSuite on another computer that doesn't produce the error.

The low number of calls could also be because very few people use that feature so they donít know that it doesnít work on their computer. Weíve had a couple of Enterprise customers find another of their computers that it does work on and use that for using the Permissions feature.

Most people who are seeing this problem donít really have a need for the enhanced Permissions feature and have said that KennelSuiteís five built-in security groups are sufficient.

Solution: None at this time.