Message "Unrecognized database format"

Your database is damaged. This is caused by either a hardware failure or Windows crashing at the wrong moment.

The solution is to restore your database from backup. It's sometimes possible for Plane or a data recovery specialist to fix the database but we don't recommended it unless you have no backup.

To restore manually:

Some typical causes:

  • Power outage or brownout. Make sure that the computer has an uninterruptible power supply, a.k.a. UPS or battery backup, and that all peripherals are on surge suppressors. If you have a network, the hub/router/switch also must be on a UPS.

  • Failed/Failing internal component such as power supply, hard disk, disk controller, system board, processor fan, etc..

  • Overheated computer. Pet hair and dust may be blocking the vents, fans, processor heat sink, etc.

  • Manually switching off the computer's power switch while KennelSuite is running.