How to I give a discount on products and services?

In KennelSuite’s world, a product or service is sold at a certain price. Because of this view, KennelSuite doesn’t apply a discount in the sense of a negative number.

For example, if your daily rate for boarding a single pet is $20, and you give the second pet a 10% discount, the second pet’s rate is $18 (20 - (20 * 0.1))

To accomplish this in KennelSuite, you should add an additional item to your price list. Name the item “Boarding, 2nd Pet”, or whatever you prefer, and set its price to $18. Your receptionist will select the standard boarding item for the first pet, and the discounted item for the second pet.

You can add as many of these variations as you want, such as 3rd Pet, Long Term, Senior Citizen, etc. With this system, you and your customer will see exactly what was sold and why, as opposed to a negative number applied to the bottom line.

In the previous example, if you applied a discount as a subtraction, the receipt for two pets would be $20 + $20 - $2 = $38.

With KennelSuite’s system, the receipt would show $20 + $18 = $38. In the latter case, your sales reports will show your revenue for each item.