KennelSuite IX has everything a boarding facility, grooming salon, or daycare needs to handle the
challenges of reservations, forecasting, checking in and out, scheduling the meds, special diets and activities,
tracking histories, and handling the money.

Use this table to decide which edition of KennelSuite best suits your requirements.


Product Comparison

Choose the right KennelSuite product Basic Professional Enterprise New in 2006
New in IX

Canada has been added to the automatic postal code lookup system. Enter a postal code (or US Zip) and your customer's city plus province/state will be added automatically


New Hardware support:

  • PetDetect Identification System
  • PartnerTech Pole Display
  • DigitalPersona fingerprint reader 1
  • Star TSP100 thermal receipt printer

Daily backups are compressed and secured by AES encryption


Each Enterprise computer communicates with its peers to keep their displays synchronized


Full translation to French at no extra charge. This complements the English, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian versions.3


Prevent specific customers from paying with a check


Enhanced e-mail system adapts to emerging ISP security requirements for authentication and encryption


Control employees' permissions for 90 views, actions, and reports at both the group and user level


Receipts itemize sales taxes at three levels (services and two levels for products)


In Canada, receipts display separate GST/PST for affected provinces


Enter vaccination expiry dates by typing or with a popup calendar


Enter arrival & departure times by clicking a list or typing


Add a new vet from a pet's record


History is collected for system events, such as when employees login/out, backup, password change, and many more. The exact time and computer name are included.


Daily transaction reports can include a range of dates. This is a configurable permission.2


New configuration options for occupancy forecasts & history


Several new reports including a graphical Sales Summary, which is useful for tracking trends over time


Send personalized e-mail reminders to your customers. Create your own HTML layouts or use one of our included templates.


Make bulk changes to your price list. Adjust your rates for selectable groups of items by percentage or fixed amount.


Resize windows and scale the content for maximum data display.


Enhanced daycare options for selling packages at different prices.


Complete US Zip code database (80,000 records) is updated quarterly. Enter your customer's Zip and KennelSuite gets the city and state for you.


New flexibility for scheduling. Color-code dates that are holidays when you may be open or closed. Set different colors for groomers' regular work hours and days off. Schedule grooming appointments outside of regular business hours.


Automatically check for product updates each time KennelSuite starts. Restrict installation to managers & administrators.


Track your arrival and departure volumes for each hour of the day for any range of dates. View charts and tabular reports to compare ranges.


See your customers' true value to your business by viewing their percentile ranking. Compare their contribution by total, by year, and by any range of dates.


Unparalleled pricing flexibility. Charge different boarding rates based on the individual animal, its size or breed, and by the date or day of the week.


Create copies of a pet's current reservation for any number of future dates.


Print selected End-of-Day reports as a group.


Print worksheets with exact instructions for meds, feeding and activities for up to 5 work shifts on each day.


Use up to 3 different printers at the same time for special functions such as receipts, run cards and reports.


Split business days. Specify 2 opening, closing, check-in and check-out times for each day of the week & holidays.


Graphical and tabular occupancy forecasts & histories


Revenue forecasts


Diet, medication and activity regimens can be carried forward from the last visit.


Automatic optional surcharges for off-hours arrivals & departures.


Retail product sales with built-in bar code scanner support. Two levels of sales tax.


Security system to restrict employee access to sensitive functions and data.


Pay commission on both sales and grooming. Each item or service can be configured separately. Each employee can have different rates.


Groomers can control their own schedules by limiting the number and type of appointments for specific dates.


Skills-matching system to prevent booking certain types of jobs with groomers who don't have the required abilities.


Real-time network support. Multiple computers can access the central database at the same time.


Free upgrades for 1 year from purchase


Free e-mail technical support


Free telephone technical support


Automatic delivery of new releases on CD

Optional Optional Optional    

Number of customers

600 Unlimited Unlimited    

Number of groomers

1 Unlimited Unlimited    

1 Not available in Basic

2 Not configurable in Basic

3  Available September 2009